About Febbrisia

We are a healthcare company, more specifically a preventive Healthcare company. We attempt to organize and analyze enormous and easily available but scattered healthcare knowledge around us to identify better cures for the community. Better cures lead to healthier living and even if we achieve part of this bigger goal, Febbrisia will make a significant difference to the society. In Life, quality is as important as duration.

We chose preventive healthcare because we saw a trend that while average lifespan are increasing every year with advancements in medical sciences, quality of life is not able to catch up with it. All of us suffer from chronic or other medical condition as we age which limits the benefit that we get from increasing lifespan. As we age further, we find ourselves in a spiral. In short, we as a community can live a much better quality of life by adopting preventive healthcare.

At Febbrisia, we believe that all of us must build healthy habits and get better cures even when it is not convenient to do so. We help you do this at no incremental cost, provided you have a strong will to make it happen. Together, we can and we will.

We have chosen technology as our execution and delivery medium due to its unmatched data collection, processing, analytical, and scale capabilities. To ensure maximum reach of our services and customer convenience, we are present on both PCs and handhelds. We understand the sensitivity of data we are handling and respect privacy of our customers. Please go through our privacy policy here.

Enjoy your stay at Febbrisia. Hope, we succeed in making your life healthier!

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