Why getting consultation online is better than running behind doctors?


With advancing technology and a step into the digital world, every task is carried online. Without any doubt, online consultation has brought great relief to patients seeking medical care. People residing in urban areas are tremendously following the online consultation trend. It is because people don’t like to stand in long queues to get urgent medical care. Visiting a doctor online for chronically ill patients is a great option to receive an important prescription. In this article, we have listed some benefits to get a doctor consultation online.



The most significant benefit of getting an online doctor consultation is immediate medical attention. Just like all tasks carried out online, an online doctor consultation can be booked at light speed. Some competent online doctors are ready to provide an immediate response to your queries and problem. As soon as you place your consultation, the recognized doctor gets notified through the platform. After the notification, the doctor responds to your problem as soon as possible. However, you must not rely on an online doctor consultation during an emergency situation or in cases where you need hospital/lab equipment. For instance, in cases like strokes, heart-related, and trauma, visit your nearby hospital immediately. Online Consultation, on the other hand, is extremely efficient and cost effective when it comes to regular consultation or second opinion, or reading lab reports etc.


One of the primary benefits to go for an online doctor consultation is better convenience. And online doctor consultation is independent of the location factor. In simple words, you can consult your doctor online from anywhere. Moreover, you don’t need any specific gadget to consult your doctor online. All you need is a stable internet connection which is a necessity in today’s world. You can easily place your consultation online by using any mobile laptop or computer. The transactions are cashless, hassle-free, and are made online. Some online doctor consultation platforms also have video call features. So, the patient can be more inclusive and frank to their doctors.


On consulting any doctor online, you will receive the benefits of an automatic record-keeping service. After each appointment, your records will be automatically stored on the database of the platform. At any time, you can download your prescription from the platform online. Here, Febbrisia comes with an ad on benefit which competitors rarely offer. Here, the company offers you full privacy and does not read your data in any form. You also have the option of not sharing it with the company including with the consulted doctor once your consultation is complete and prescription is emailed.

Users have access to their medical database at any time and anywhere. You can also share your records with other medical professionals such as a specialist whenever necessary. All you have to do is upload your medical records (if any) on the “Upload” section.  This feature makes online consulting more convenient for users.

4.      Online Consultation is way cheaper, way friendlier

In addition, there are more savings associated with online consultation. For instance, on Febbrisia.com, you can buy an online consultation (with written prescription) for let’s say Rs100. If you choose this option, you can submit your health problems to the doctor in let’s say 10 minutes (open 24 by 7, so, literally anytime of the day or night) and get prescription automatically on email. You can move on with your work or fun schedule. On the other hand, if you try doing the same thing offline, you will spend 3x to 5x the amount of money (including travel) and 9x to 10x the amount of time to achieve similar results. In addition, you would run the risk of getting infected with something else as you step out and get into an environment where patients infected with various diseases are sharing the same physical space with you.

Our opinion: Try online and you may never be able to leave it!


The era of online doctor consultation has already begun. Gone were the days where you’d stand in the long queue to visit your doctor. Now, patients can easily receive prescription medications and recommendations at the comfort of their homes. Online doctor consultation makes a huge difference and is safe as all platform registered doctors are recognized. These social well-bringers are ready to offer you the best medical service. So, book your doctor and gain all the benefits of online doctor consultation today!

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