Knowing about your medicines is as important as knowing your doctor, as you must know about your dosage and about potential side effects your medicines may have. To introduce your medicines to you, Febbrisia develops an information panel that stores huge medicinal information. Reading about your medicines on is simple and is free from complexities. All you have to do is follow the below-listed steps.


STEP 1: Log in to your Febbrisia account

The quest to read about medicines begins with logging in to your Febbrisia account. All you have to do is to enter the credentials and press the “Sign in” button. However, if you are new to, sign up with your email ID. After signing up, the platform sends you a verification email to gain access to the website. As you complete the formalities, you will get redirected to the homepage of

STEP 2: Searching Your Medicine

This step is the most decisive part of reading your medicine on After you get redirected to the homepage, look for the Search panel. You can easily find the panel on the topmost section of the page. To help you identify, there is a picture listed below that shows the location of the search panel.

On the search panel, type any medicine you want to know. Assisting you in finding your medicine, the Febbrisia algorithm suggests it as you type. On popping the right suggestion, click on it to continue, or type your medicine name and click on “Search.” We’ve selected the “3 Mix” medicine to illustrate the entire process.

STEP 3: Reading about your medicine

In this step, there aren’t any physical actions involved. Here, you’ll learn to read about your medicine to know more. After you hit on the “Search” button, a page that reveals information about your drug appears. 

Sections within the page reveal information about the medicine. The topmost section displays the medicine’s rating by users and doctors. In this section, you can see the popularity of your drug. It also discloses standard packaging measures followed by manufacturing pharmaceutical companies.

On moving further below, you can read about the features of the medicine in detail. This section is mainly a description box disclosing the working procedure of the drug. As you can see in the picture below, the description box clearly states the features of the “3 Mix” medicine. This section also displays the overall medicine rating and allows you to rate for the same.

The next section reveals the recommended dosage of medicine by physicians. The usage section also clearly states the restrictions on taking the dosage. As you can see in the picture below, the 3 Mix medicine isn’t for people with tubercular and viral skin infections.

The next two sections are about the composition and the side effects of the medicine.


Being aware of the necessities of knowing your medicine, Febbrisia keeps information as the foremost priority. It is the reason why we placed the search panel on the topmost section of the page. So, know your medicines on Febbrisia before you consume them.

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Febbrisia provides you complete healthcare information about medicines (including side effects), diseases, and alternate cures. It maintains health vitals on your device, and offers on-demand consults with 100% privacy. Signup for a healthier tomorrow!

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