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How to protect kids from Acute Ear Infection| Febbrisia

Winter is setting in India and it will go on to become much colder soon. Febbrisia will help you to protect yourself from Winter Diseases!

Let us discuss How to Protect Kids from Acute Ear Infection:

Symptoms: Irritation of the throat, pain in the throat, enlarged tonsils, unable to gulp food or liquids.

Causes: Eating anything cold, virus or bacteria in the air.

Precautions: Avoid feeding your child anything cold when the weather is cold. Cover their ears and neck when the wind is too strong, or before sleeping under a fan/ AC.  Feed kids more of vitamin C enriched fruits and vegetables and nuts to boost immunity. Gargle with warm water every day with a hint of salt.

Treatment: Gargle with warm water with a hint of salt. Consult a doctor.

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